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 IMG_0238I kindly invite you to a reading of an interview with Aaron Daviet, Consul at U.S. Consulate General in Cracow. I have met him during ‘ IV Family Picnic’ co – organized by US – Polish Cooperation Council on the occasion of ‘Independence Day’.

IMG_0254Maya M. Kowalczyk : Would you, please, say a few words explaining the idea of Polish – American cooperation in Silesia ?

Aaron Daviet : Let us come from an idea. Primarily, from Alex Fischer who is the main organizer of today’s fest and the head of ‘Marchołt’ club, and also from Mariusz Tomaka who is the prime head of ‘The Polish – American Cooperation Council’. Together we have had a good contact for several years so we talked about the need to have a type of place in Silesia, in the Southern Poland region where we can give one information about business. Where American entrepreneurs can get information about conducting business in Silesia, and also Polish businessmen can get information about business, investment, and purcheses in America. So, out of this and out of Mariusz Tomaka ‘s connections in America with ‘The US – Polish Trade Council’ Alex and Mariusz founded ‘The US – Polish Cooperation Council’ a few monthes ago. In connection with that ‘Business Information Point’ was created. The opening was a few monthes ago. The idea is that this is a place which is in Ligocka 103, which is in the ‘Euro – Centrum’ building. There is always someone who works part – time there. There is a place where individuals, either from Polish side and American side, can go and they can ask questions, there will be some materials which are basically from internet. We are happy to answer questions, and we are also happy to consult problems with the American Embassy in Warsaw to try to get information. What we would like to do is to seek information about how to import and export the goods, find investments, to see what the possibilities are. We can aalso help the Polish companies opening branches in US and investing in the US. So far, we have great interest and we are looking forward to even more official partnership in future. We have great support with the opening the place of the mayor of the city of Katowice and also from the voivodeship of Katowice. We have here in Katowice, and also in Warsaw great willingness to support investments, to support trade. We do whatever we can. The BIP is one concrete place to do it.

Thank you very much for your explanations.

Thank you.

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