The Power of VCP Process-Part I

 Our interactions done in the process of networking are our social capital. Networking plays a great role in achieving a success. Unfortunately, it is not taught at universities. Having graduaded from a university we are peparpared to make a good marketing campain. Usually, it has nothing in common with a referral marketing.

-When it comes to mindset I belive in the butterfly effect of networknig-says dr Ivan Misner, founder and president of Business Networking International, during his speech in Warsaw. The small movements of butterfly’s wings change some small things in an environment. -That leads to another small change which leads to another small change, which leads to another small change...and the whole effect changes the world-explains Misner. In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state.

-If you ever find yourself in an amasing situation, ask yourself how did I get there then pick up a phone and call the person that started. The butterfly effect is powerful. It is all about small actions. It is still going on in our lives. The key is to understand the progress it gives. Just follow the river, the opportunities it gives-adds dr I. Misner. That transitional concept moves us from mindset to skillset. The chronogological VCP Process begins with the visibiltiy. Then it moves to credibility – people know who you are, they know what you do, and know what you good at. Only then you can go on to profitability when they also give you postive referrals. We are talking about referral, not selling process. You will not have clients unless you do not have positive referrals. -Just do not try to jump over a process of referrals. Networking is more about farming and cultivating relations with the other business professionals then just about hunting what is a methaphor of short term business-continues I. Misner.

Men and Woman in Business

Men and women have a different approach to doing business. Men tend to omit the Visibility stage. An average man tends to be more transactional, an average woman is more relational. The same with the representatives of different cultures. No matter, man and woman, people who are more relational, e.g. Eastern get better in business.

Developing a Skillset

Just start with reading books about networking. You can try coaching, too. The simplest way is to join a network organization, like Business Networking International.

Networking a Mixer

You go to a room full of people. You cannot join close clusters, just join open twos, trees, etc. They give an opportunity to introduce yourself and start a short conversation. So, if you would like to network mantain and use open spaces and mindes. It is a significant technique to network. What is also important? Professional attire. For more details of a total skillset and the whole package of refferal marketing see, for exapmle the international bestseller “The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret” by dr. Ivan Misner, Ph. D. and Mike Macedonio.

Now, it is your turn. Just go out and network a mixer! An average businessperson networks 6.5 hours per week. According dr I. Misner it is a minimum. He recommends 8 hours of networking per week. The more time people spend on networking, the more business they do. There is a positive lineral correlation between the time spend on networking and business done. When you built your powerful personal network you sometimes make mistakes. How to turn them into success? What are the critical points of cross-cultural networking? Just read the second part of “The Power of VCP Process”.

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 Maya M. Kowalczyk

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