Now, Coaltrans Poland

 IMG_5009-Coaltrans runs back twenty conferences in different parts of the world: in Asia, Europe, and America. This is the first time we have come to Poland-says Henry Hely Hutchinson, Managing Director of Coaltrans Conferences, Ltd. Coaltrans provides conferences and training courses aimed at everyone involved in the coal industry - coal production, coal transportation, and coal trading.

Coming soon:  Coaltrans China, Coaltrans Southern Africa, Coaltrans Asia, Coal Tranding & Risk Managing – Singapore, Coaltrans World Coal Conference Berlin. Sign in, now!

Maya M. Kowalczyk: Why now Poland?

Henry Hely Hutchinson: Poland is still a major producer of coal and, increasingly, Poland has also become an importer of coal. There are many people here interested in coal. That is why we are here.

What does the future hold for coal?

Coal has a bigger future in other parts of the world than it does in Europe. It has enormous future in Asia. If you look at the work of the International Energy Agency they belive that the demand for coal will continue for some years to come. Maybe, not in Europe but worldwide.

Who are the participants of the Coaltrans Poland?

We have slightly more than two hundret people.  A little bit more that half of those people come from Poland, but, in fact, it is very pleasing to have 20 countries represented. The participants come from all over the Europe and they touch furter fields than coal to attend.

Thank you.

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