Georgia's Free Tourism Zone

 5_1Anaklia is a townlet and seaside resort in western Georgia. It is located in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, at the place where the Inguri River flows into the Black Sea. The city Zugdidi is the capital of the region. Black Sea Excellent conditions for tourism in Anaklia. Besides the excellent and warm climatic conditions all the year round Anaklia is surrounded by the magic landscape of the Black Sea and the Kolkheti National Park, incorporating the land of the former Kolkheti State Nature Reserve and its surrounding wetlands, including Lake Paliastomi. The Park is visited by many tourists every year.

 1_1Great Location for World Class Entertainment & Shopping

• Laws in surrounding countries prevent people from enjoying gambling facilities, but Anaklia will provide them with World Class Gaming experience similar to Las Vegas and Monte Carlo.

• Total population of countries where gambling is completely or partially prohibited/forbidden is over 450,000 million.

• Easy access by Land, Sea, and Air make Anaklia a easy destination for not only these 450,000 million, but also millions and millions of others in Europe.

• The world class restaurants, shopping, concerts, theater and forum for business will keep people coming again and again.

 2_1Countries where gambling is prohibited

Population in millions

1- Russia 141.9

2- Ukraine 45.7

3- Kazakhstan 16.4

4- Azerbaijan 8.2

5- Turkey 76.8

6- Iran 72.4

7- Iraq 28.9

8- Syria 21.7

9- Jordan 6.2

10- Saudi Arabia 28.7

11- Israel 7.2

3_1A new Seafront Boulevard stretching 1 km on the northern bank of the mouth of the river Inguri, and 3 km along the Coast of the Black Sea is under construction. The new Boulevard is the starting point to develop the little townlet Anaklia in one of the most atractive tourism destinations along the Black Sea Coast. The project of the Boulevard includes also large green areas designed with the spirit to protect and highlight the outstanding landscape of the site.

The beautiful boulevard on the sandy beach is designed by the famous Spanish architect – Alberto Domingo Cabo ... who is also the designer of the new boulevard of Batumi. The boulevard was succcesful opened in the summer of 2009. Since the opening of this boulevard there has been an important increase in the number of tourists visiting Batumi, with hotels being fully booked last summer. The Golden Square designed in the surroundings of the historical fortress, brings back the legend of the old Kingdom of Colchis with the arrival of Jason and the Argonauts ... .

The Anaklia master plan is already fully developed and available for use. Plots for the inmediate construction of 4 6_1new hotels are prepared and included in the Free Tourism Zone Anaklia - Zugdidi. The Government offers excellent longterm conditions for the future investors.

A new, vibrant skyline of Anaklia is designed in the Masterplan. Anaklia will be transformed from the current town it is now into a modern “Water city” with its beautiful Seafront and a network of channels in the inner city. New Anaklia airport is only 15 minutes away from the resort area. Full engineering utility networks and corresponding outdoor infrastructure is provided by Georgian government. An amazing pedestrian bridge enters the sea and overlooks the modern boulevard ... .

 Source : Georgian National Investment Agency.



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