The Power of VCP Process-Part II

 -We all make mistakes. You cannot justify yourself from those mistakes, you should learn from them. You should justify yourself from your successes. Networking is a trial. The result depends on your approach. Your mindset is as important as your skillset in developing your business-explains Ivan Misner, Ph. D. – When people trust one another, they tend to behave comfortable, enreprenours are just entreprenours, no matter from what culture-he says answering my question about cross-cultural networking. In our times of global networks cultural sensitivity is a must.

-When I went to visit the United Kingdom I had a meeting with BNI members from a London group. I wondered if it works there because they are very reserved. The group I had a meeting with suprised me. One of the memebers while giving his 60 seconds presentation was looking around, and finally stepped up on his chair, and then stepped on to the table. He was standing on the breakfast table doing his 60 secons presentation. This was in London-recalls dr Ivan Misner. -The thing was my company was head and shoulders above the competition. The Brits are really reserved-he adds with laughter.

Different races, different religions, different countries, different cultures … – what is the relationship. -Networking is the least American thing I have ever known. Think about an American corporation. What comes to your mind? Cooperation, collaboration? No, rather competition, and how to put competitors out of business. The sum of the whole is greater then its individual parts. That is why fellow members of BNI collaborate-continues the founder and president of BNI.

You should prepare when you have business partners from different cultures. There is many websites which help to adapt to different customs, traditions, and so on. One of them which we recommend is really effective in America and Europe. It is called Business Relations. It is usuful. Check it out! It reviews the cultural tendencies. If you are going to Malysia, China, Japan, India, and most Asian countries  there are certain things you should know, e.g. they hand business cards with both hands. Exchanging business cards is like a ritual. In the U.S. people tend to nearly discard them just after receiving. In Asia they say “Yes”, but they mean “No”. Saying directly “No” is simply considered impolite there. Just prepare. Doing business with parters from different cultural zones may be tricky. -When you are the members of the same organization, for example BNI people tend to be very forgiving. When you are a member of BNI team in all groups all around the world will feel you really welcomed. So, just connect via BNI website. Complete your profile and you will be able to do your business all around the world.  It is crucial. The roll out of the new product will be much more easier, the same with findng a new interestion job. BNI is a global network-tells Misner.

First talk to the person. If you do not talk to the person you just do a bad job. Have a clear, open and honest communication. It is very important. Talk to memers of your network. What do you think is the most important thing to be successful in a business? -Belive me, its motivation. You have to be motivated to share relationship and give referrals. There is no one who can push you to that pool, but you. Just take the concept of giver’s gain and … win! If you give me a business, I will give you a business!-says dr Ivan Misner answering that tough question. In most most states in the U.S. he is considered an expert in networking.

BNI helps people create referrals for life.

 Maya M. Kowalczyk

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