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Alumnus of Silesian University of Management, Management of European Firm; TOEIC; The London Callan School (teachers From England, Wales, Irland, Scotland, Australia, New Zeland, The United States, Canada); Berlitz International, Inc. (Deutsch and English, Program consulted with Harvard Business School); The Karol Adamiecki University of Economics, International Commerce and Finance; The Stock Exchange School; The American Academy Kaplan-Business College; DP-Fremdsprachen; Europäische Akademie für Führungskräfte and The Upper Silesian School of Commerce, Management and Marketing in International Markets; German Language College; English Language College; Silesian University of Medicine; Certified Internet Webmaster  et al.-diplomas and certificates with blue ribbon.

A great number of seminars, and workshops, including Diversity & Inclusiveness, Thinking and Decision Making, Be global!, The Secrets Behind the Brand, Nonviolent Communication, Marathon Warsaw-London, Manager’s Etiquette, Savoir-vivre in Business, Business Etiquette – The Protocol School of Poland,  Professional Communication in Business, Up-to-Date Tools in  Public Relations, IT2B-Communication Between Technical Departments and Business Clients, Effective Communication Between Science and Business, Communication Management and Effective Communication in Projects, Innovatics, Program of Transfer Innovations to Business, Marketing Innovations-Gamification, Effective Management of Organization-New Information Tools,  BPMN-Business Process Model and Notation, Site Development Associate, Effective Work of IT, Assessment Center, The Art of Giving Speeches,  Stock Market Trading School, School of Millionaires, Realization of Projects within the Scope of POKL, Academy of Sales for Ecological Projects, Management in Time, NLP-Techniques of Persuasion, Emotional Intelligence, The Art of Creative Thinking, Technology Behind Metamorphoses, The Centennial Hat, The Art of Entrepreneurial Thinking, Effective advertisement in search engines. E-marketing, Joomla!-Creating Web Sites, Effective Multimedia Presentations in PowerPoint, Projecting and Programming Internet Applications (HTML+CSS+PHP+AJAX+SQL), Asian Markets, Doing Business with Japan, Safe Contract, Internationalisation of Enterprises, Master Cooking, inter alia, by A. Polan, T. Jakubiak, Holistic Health and Beauty Conference, Runmageddon 2019, Hospice Volunteering, Good Practices in Websites and Documents Translating-CAT Tools Supporting a Translation Process, Debt Collection and How to Manage Efficiently a Debt Collection Process, Styling Course Via Moda, Dietetics and Supplementation in Endurance Sports, Marketing in Health & Fitness Industry, Alternative coffee brewing methods.