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4 Cups for 4 Types

Every year families all over the world unite to enjoy the seder. While calling all members of the family together may feel like the ingathering of the exiles, it is the laughter and discussion held around the table that all will remember for years to come. Many households are made up of a range of personalities reminiscent of the four sons we discuss during the seder, whose placation may at times feel like a balancing act. This Passover, the Golan Heights Winery presents fun recommendations for wines to fit each type, so that the differing personalities do not create a havoc worse than the ten plagues.

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"Zakazany" ryż

Czarny ryż to kleista odmiany ryżu, które w procesie obróbki termicznej przybierają charakterystyczną ciemnofioletową barwę. Najpopularniejsze z nich to tajski czarny ryz jaśminowy oraz indonezyjski czarny ryż. Ma charakterystyczny orzechowy aromat i całe mnóstwo cennych składników odżywczych takich jak 18 aminokwasów, żelazo, cynk, miedź, wapń, karoten oraz witaminy, w tym całe mnóstwo witamin z grupy B oraz witaminy E. Ryż ten nazywany był ”zakazanym ryżem”, ponieważ początkowo w Chinach był on przeznaczony tylko i wyłącznie dla cesarza. Szczególnym upodobaniem darzył tę odmianę Kangxi – cesarz z dynastii Qing.





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Israeli Wines in Vietnam

Israel’s Golan Heights Winery launches its award winning range of wines in Vietnam reflecting its rapid growth in an ever increasing Asian wine culture.

The Golan Heights Winery, which produces, markets and exports premium wines worldwide, has been selected to be the first Israeli winery to be marketed to Vietnam. As part of a new commercial initiative from Israel’s Ministry of Economy, the winery has begun to introduce Vietnam to Israel’s flourishing wine industry.

In recent years, Asia has seen an expansion of its wine culture. Within South East Asia, Vietnam has one of the highest wine consumptions per capita. While the country has witnessed an impressive development of wine culture over the last century, there is very little internal wine production given unfavorable climatic conditions for vine growing. Vietnam has now become a prominent wine importer and wines from as far afield as Chile, France, Italy, Australia and New Zealand are all readily available.

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A bottle of Bubbly in the Desert

-I have just returned from a brief assignment, (away from the frantic culmination of our harvest up north,) in the heart of Israel's arid desert, Mitzpe Ramon. There, ensconced in one of Israel's most luxury hotels, I reflected on the art of pairing food and wine and why it goes beyond simply matching the menu-says Debbie Sion, Head of the Golan Heights Winery's training department.

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Wine for Hanukkah

The Golan Heights Winery is proud to present: Mount Hermon Moscato 2013. The first wine of the 2013 vintage and the newest member of the popular Mount Hermon series of wines

The Mount Hermon Moscato 2013 is a light sparkling wine with a low alcohol level and pleasant sweetness. The wine was created uniquely from Muscat Canali grapes, the first varietal to ripen and be harvested from the Golan Heights’ vineyards.

Hanukkah 2013, the Festival of Lights, begins at sunset on Wednesday, November 27, 2013, and ends in the evening of Thursday, December 5. It commemorates the victory of the Israelites over the Syrian Greek armies, and the miracle of restoring the menorah in the Holy Temple. Only one vial of oil was found, enough for one day, and yet it lasted for eight days.


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